Welcome to Connecticut for the Union!

My name is Grant Radulovacki.  I created this website to showcase the contribution of Connecticut soldiers to the Union cause during the American Civil War.

The website focuses on two main topics:  (1) the 10th Connecticut Volunteers and (2) Greenwich soldiers.  I document the battlefield history of the 10th Connecticut Volunteer Regiment.  The Tenth was one of the top 300 Union regiments in the Civil War (out of over 1,700), according to historian William F. Fox.  I also highlight the sacrifice and legacy of soldiers from my home town of Greenwich.  


150th Civil War Commemoration for Connecticut.  
The commemoration activities are being coordinated through Central Connecticut State University.  http://www.ccsu.edu/page.cfm?p=2296

Greenwich Historical Society Civil War Exhibition.  My civil war documentary film, Greenwich for the Union!, was a part of this exhibition which ran from April 6 - July 31 of 2011.  I also created my own civil war exhibit which was displayed at Greenwich Town Hall.  

Points to highlight

As I researched this project, I noted a number of important facts about the 10th Connecticut Volunteers and Greenwich soldiers:

  1. The 10th was an exceptionally accomplished regiment, fighting in 23 battles and at least as many harrowing skirmishes, and only once giving back ground that they had taken.

  2. The 10th regiment was part of the successful Union coastal campaign during the early years of the war - a period of time when Union victories were few.

  3. Greenwich's Nicholas Fox was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor, the highest battlefield commendation.  At the time of his death in 1929, Mr. Fox was one of only 31 Connecticut soldiers to have received this distinction.

Navigating the website

This website contains: (1) photo shows of battlefields where men of the 10th Connecticut fought, (2) my essays about the 10th regiment and Greenwich soldiers and (3) a video clip of the documentary film that I researched and narrated. 

The documentary film follows the battle campaigns of Greenwich men who served with Company I of the 10th Connecticut Volunteers.  The film also highlights notable Greenwich soldiers in the civil war and the contribution of Connecticut and Greenwich African American soldiers.  YouTube link for the documentary: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TlRomsYb56U

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